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The original "Internet Documentaries" were first created in the mid 1990s by Professor Austin Kerr who understood the educational usefulness of the Internet early on. The collection grew to some 17 documentaries, many of them produced by Professor Kerr himself, and included the content of this popular Temperance & Prohibition web site. In 2006, the other documentaries were redesigned and moved to their current home on Ohio State's eHistory site. Included are the following: 

This site was originally created by Austin Kerr in 1996 and continues to be enhanced by the Department of History.

Credits page for the Ohio Dry Campaign Documentary (which shares most of the same sources)

See also: Organized for Prohibition: A New History of the Anti-Saloon League (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1985) by K. Austin Kerr 

Professor Kerr also worked with some of the same material used here.