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Cartoon 10

Yank The Saloon Tooth Out--The Only Remedy

"The quack doctor always wants to poultice and plaster and palaver over effects. He is great on medications and nostrums, and has little concern for preventive medicine.A whole collection of quacks have been busy trying to minister to the moral and economic ills of Uncle Sam. Not a few of them have declared that he is suffering from contact with the miasm of the licensed grog-shop.

Some of them have said, try the good man racket, but the plan has left the grog-shop about as before, at the least only changed in appearance or shifted in location.

Others have said, vote this thing out in the townships, but the scheme has left the brewery and the distillery, and the liquor interest, doing business at the old stand.
A bishop or so has declared if the grogshop could only be made respectable, it would do Uncle Sam no harm, and the old gentleman would be happy in his cups. But the pious grog-shop demoralizes Uncle Sam’s source of real strength, the citizen.
The conclusion is inevitable that any plan which provides for the continuance of the liquor traffic in any form only quiets the disease, prolongs the patient’s agony, and procures no lasting results for good.
The real remedy is to remove the license system, as the promoter of grog-shops.
The Prohibition Party proposes to apply preventive medicine; remove the cause of the trouble, by repealing the license laws, and abolish the liquor traffic."
(from Prohibition Cartoons by D.F. Stewart and H.W. Wilbur, Defender Publishing Company, 1904)