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Cartoon 4

The American Eagle (in dismay): "What! Are you MY OFFSPRING?"

"The liquor traffic, as we have it in the United States in our time, is largely the product of legislation. In fact, when Uncle Sam began taking a big revenue from the brewery, the distiller, the wholesaler and retailer, he blew fresh breath into the liquor traffic's nostrils.

Well may the bird of freedom look at the saloon volture and be ashamed of its progeny. The bird of evil omen ought to be kicked out of the eagle's nest.

The only thing that will do that is to abolish our national tax on vice, and our State license for iniquity.

The run revenue, State or National, represents a poor investment. The business entails vastly more cost on the Goverment than is coveted into the treasurey by the liquor traffic.

There should be no fellowhip between the eagle and the vulture."

(from Prohibition Cartoons by D.F. Stewart and H.W. Wilbur, Defender Publishing Company, 1904)